Matthew 5:13-16
John 9:5
Ephesians 4:16

Our purpose as Christians involves more than absorbing good teaching, either in personal study of the Bible, from pieces of the sermon on Sunday or in one or more group study and discussion group.  Certainly, absorbing salt and light, helps add flavor to our lives and illumination for our walk with Christ, but Jesus, knowing how we are, reticient about sharing our faith, unsure if we really understand enough to well….witness, sets our purpose right out on the table.  

You are the SALT of the Earth!  

Consider the attributes of salt and how they apply to our purpose as Christians both individually and corporately:

Salt enhances flavor–with it we bring out the essence of God in everyday life, in joy and in sorrow.  Too much–and the world spits it out–too little and God seems bland and impotent.

Salt preserves–like salting meat prevents spoilage, a Christian’s salty life can often prevent sin spoilage by courageously living the Christian life and defending Christian values in an increasingly pagan culture.

Salt heals–like gargling salt water encourages a raw sore throat to heal, when a Christian encourages, prays, listens, or serves hurting, broken souls and bodies, the salt of presence works in the process of mending.

Salt cools–like rock salt on ice wrapped around a churning ice cream canister lowers the temperature within the canister to freezing, a salty Christian can work to cool down hot tempers and churning relationships by holding them close in actuality or in prayer.

Salt dehydrates–remember the old adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”  Not true, give the horse salt and he will become so thirsty, he will drink.  Don’t spill the whole salt shaker on the table by lecturing or judging…some of the most tantalizing salt to unbelievers is when a believer forgives and chooses mercy over judgement….salt your conversations just enough to entertain questions…you do not have to have all the answers…live your life not as if you are perfect, but as you are forgiven…a genuine Christian life is full of salt.  

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.

Isak Dinesen

Carolyn’s Musings

In Frederich High School Home Economics was required back in the 1960s.  Unfortunately, cooking and sewing were like learning in a foreign language.  So suffice it to say, I did not do well and did not develop the skills.  Sewing while a wonderful talent, hasn’t plagued my adult life like my poor cooking skills.  Over the years I have managed to learn to cook a few dishes and since I have retired from day job, I have mastered some new ones.  However, Bless my husband’s heart, he has endured over salted, under salted, over cooked (burned beyond recognition) and under cooked (Brown on the outside, cold on the inside) meals.  

So for me to talk about Salt and the Christian life is probably presumptuous, but years ago, my husband gave me a little sign for my kitchen that states “I kiss better than I cook”.  It made me smile, still does and it does relate.  Sometimes we get the idea that there is only one way to be the Salt Christ talks about, but my sign reminds me, every Christian spices up the world with the gifts they’ve been given.  Some cook, some kiss, some do both.

To not use the salt I have been given to make a difference in the world is to let it lose its value both to the body of Christ and to the world at large.

So GO SALT THE WORLD as only you are equipped to do!image