Matthew 5:17-20

We, as Christians, often dismiss the LAW as we magnify GRACE.  Jesus’s own words should give us pause when we do that.  His words challenge also the concept that the New Testament is all the scripture we need. 

To trivialize the law, even the smallest item, trivalizes the purpose of the law in the first place and keeps us with an ineffective view of Christ, his sacrifice, and our redemption.  The Law is good!  The purpose of the law was not punishment or judgement.  The purpose of the law was to keep us safe, healthy, and centered on God.  The fact, well established by the history of God’s chosen and   our own history, stands that NO ONE can keep the law.  When sin entered the human condition, that possiblity went out the window, but God loved us enough to send the LAW, so that we could know what the absolute standard was.   The Law came and then Jesus came.

Jesus lived fully human without breaking God’s Law in its absolute expression.  The Law was the word, but Jesus was THE WORD.  Without the law, Jesus could not have expressed the fullness of a life founded on Love of God, Love of Others and Love of self.  

He fulfilled the Law, so even though we cannot, we understand the purpose of God in the law and so we through faith in Him, could be saved by Grace.  Without the law, we really would not understand any need for being saved.  

So even as Christians it is important that we teach the law so that the power of God for salvation can be revealed.

Carolyn Musings

Tough two days.  My husband hospitalized, The devestation in Oklahoma, it’s been hard to get my thoughts together, but perhaps it is times like these that truly help us understand that God’s laws represent order in a chaotic world, even in the midst of loss, illness, and tragedy.