Unfortunately I do not have video posting privileges with this blog, so I am saying thank you and Happy Anniversary to the  wonderful community at She Reads Truth.  I only joined in January and it took me a while to catch up to the actual current study, but I have stayed on track since then.

The Holy Spirit led me to this community and has expanded my thinking, my commitment to Jesus, and my world.  I am now praying for people I have never met but feel as if I know. She Reads Truth starts my day and ends my day, because I have to get back in to see who has posted after my first encounters.  The studies themselves always provoke new thoughts throughout the community.  I love it.

In January 2012 I retired from a career that challenged and stimulated me.  My ideas of retirement were travel, adventure, etc., but The Lord had other plans.  Family illnesses, injuries, etc. have kept me busy.  I am learning that The Lord’s idea of adventure differs somewhat from the one I had in mind.  Doesn’t surprise me actually. God often surprises me and those surprises haven’t always been appreciated in the beginning, but ALL of them have been God’s best for my life.

She Reads Truth surprised me. I thought I will just read the Bible passages and the devotional daily, but the comments from others drew me in. So I thought I will just read those along with the Bible and devotional, but I won’t post anything. HA! I think my nickname should be “GABBY” not Carolynmimi.

Anyway, no video, but a heartfelt thank you and Happy Anniversary, Birthday, WHATEVER!

Love you all,

Brandee, Abigail, and Carolynmimi
Brandee, Abigail, and Carolynmimi