Whispers in the seagrass, sand between my toes
Listening to the ocean with its resonating tones
Warmth upon my upturned face, eyes lightly close
As I thank the Creator for this moment of repose.

The wonders of the tides, ebb and flow upon the sand
Majesty and power contained by the Master’s unseen hand
According to his natural laws, in keeping with his plans
Eyes open to its majesty, the depth and width expand

Beyond the horizon, others sit or stand like I and stare
As this very ocean laps beaches, and eases others’ cares
To some it signals rest while it shouts to others dares
And Even when it’s peaceful, you sense the power that’s there.

For one born in the middle locked in by land on every side
I cannot claim a kinship with those who can sail and guide
But at the ocean, with sand between my toes,  there I abide
In the presence of the God whose hand controls the tides.