My Mother had qualities that continue to make me a better person today.

After my journal entry on learning to lie, I wanted to share three positives I learned from my mother. She taught me that it didn’t matter how much or how little you had, you could still give. She was in fact one of the most giving people I have ever known. Most of her life she had next to nothing and so she crocheted, sewed, baked and shared. When she inherited a bit of money in her eighties, she gave a good deal of it to her church, friends and family.

She also taught me that marriage requires a commitment that truly does honor those traditional vows even the parts most people choose to overlook or ignore…in sickness, for worse, poorer, till death…for she loved my dad at these points and her example strengthens me in my marriage commitment.

Most of all, she taught me that faith in Christ would sustain me against all odds. She loved The Lord and never failed to tell others about her faith.