Words on a page, strung together

in person. place and time

syntactical form, grammatical tethers

periods, commas, an occasional rhyme

Separated and yet bound together

Punctuation, white space between words and lines

Glue between bricks, Grace in the spaces

God’s Word in the content so I can align

Not the words alone, but the mortar that laces

God’s love abiding between the lines

For God there is no place nor time

He’s with us now.  He was with us then. 

From the first words spoken until the end.

And then, beginning yet again.

For us there is no place or time

But plenty of space between the lines.

Jordan and Terry, May 20, 2013
Jordan and Terry, May 20, 2013

For Terry on a Sunday Morning in recognition of the power of God and His Word in our lives.