Humility is to begin our conversation where people actually are at and not where we would like them to be.
–Lucy Kinya

Lightening Bugs in a Jar
Lightening Bugs in a Jar

How can I know just where you are?

By watching you chase lightening bugs with a jar,

And hearing you laugh and pointing out stars.

By watching and listening I’ll know where to start

I can kneel to eye level and we’ll talk where you are.

How can we know what words we can bring?

By listening to all the songs that you sing

And learning just what makes your heart ring.

We can sit and sip coffee, or water, or tea

Whatever you want, those are the words we will bring.

To learn who you are, what you think, why you do

Will guide our conversation beginning with you

And carry us both from there to a view

That’s greater by far than either me or you.

Thoughts on Lucy Kinya’s Humility Statement. Ā Blessings to all!