Create in me a pure heart, O God, 
and renew a steadfast spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10 NIV)

Create in me purity of heart
Renew within a steadfastness of spirit
Grace that extends to every broken part
And Peace that passes every understanding
Love that serves and Faith that does not depart
Rising from purity of heart.

What a beautiful prayer for the morning
A prayer to begin a new day
Full of hope, full of joy, fully disarming
A prayer to chart God’s way
A prayer to begin every day
To walk in God’s way

Scrub me clean of the damaging clutter
Give me a heart full of love
Fill my mind, fill my live with every word that You utter
Make your will in my life, like your will is above
Give me a heart full of love
My will like yours is above

Create in me purity of mind, heart and soul
Till your kingdom is all I behold
Strengthen the weakness that strikes me with fear
Till advancing your kingdom is all I hold dear
 Wake me to pray these words every day
That I can walk day by day in your way
and really have something praiseworthy to say


Saturday morning, I am feeling a little lazy…not unusual. The scripture from Psalm 51, YouVersion’s verse for July 20, 2013 [] while familiar hit me as WOW! I should be echoing David everyday with this prayer. Not because I am not forgiven by God, but because everyday I need to come clean with Him and let the Holy Spirit have full access to clearing out anything I in my sinful self have packed for the journey. Toss out all the negative input I have entertained that comes straight from the devil. Discard the unkind thoughts, jealousies, pettiness…in general…garbage, sure to create a stench if it is allowed to sit for long. None of this stuff needs to be recycled.

So clean spiritual house with me today! Pray David’s prayer and don’t cling to one single piece of anything that is discouraging, destructive, or downright selfish…that’s it, loosen the fingers, one by one. Toss it and let the Holy Spirit fill the empty places with order, encouragement, and all those Spirit fruits…so much better. So much better prepared for any old thing the Enemy might throw your way today!!!

Spiritual House-Cleaning Lance Orndorff
Spiritual House-Cleaning
Lance Orndorff