Graham at Pennyrile State Park Beach
Graham at Pennyrile State Park Beach

After Terry and I explored the beach at Pennyrile State Park on Saturday, we asked Graham, Abigail and their Mom if they wanted to try it out. They all thought that would be a good idea, although Abigail did inquire about snakes.

So about 1:00 today we headed that direction, not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky. My brother Tom, joined our entourage and off we went.

As we approached the steps leading to the beach, Abigail paused as she stared down at the sand and the water.

A: That water is awfully dark.
M: Let’s wait till we get closer. You really cannot tell from here.
A: It is going to be really hard to get me to put my pinky toe in that water.
M: Not going to be hard for me, Abigail, cause I am not going to try. If you want to get in, you get in. If you don’t , stay on the beach.

So after we hauled chairs, towels, bottled water, books, etc., got Tom in a chair to watch and I turned to the water, there was Terry, Brandee, Graham AND Abigail about 50 feet out in the rather shallow pool. It was just too appealing to resist, but she shied away from the cliff area, just in case there were attack snakes hiding in the grassy banks.

We all enjoyed the water and the beach until two hours later, clouds and rain rolled across, sending everyone scrambling to gather belongings and climb up to the shelters.

Really made me consider how many fun adventures I have missed because I like Abigail looked with fear at the “water” and wouldn’t stick my pinky toe in.

So grateful to a God who continues to work in me to remove the fear and replace it with trust, because there is so much I want to experience in HIS ABUNDANT LIFE!

Abigail, after a dip in the lake
Abigail, after a dip in the lake