People speak of falling in love

As if they stumbled upon it

Tripped over a crack

And landed in love on the flat of their back

But Love doesn’t just happen

Love has a voice

And frankly Love requires choice

I admit that it’s true for me and for you

Some loving is harder and some are harder to love

But with God for us, with us, and in us

When we cannot love, let him do it through us.

Many a family would not fall apart

Many a hateful word would not depart

To damage and hurt

Many a person needing a touch

Would be comforted and cared for and such

Many a child would be nurtured and fed

Many a wanderer would be guided and led

The lonely, the poor, the thief at the door

And so many more

Love is an action not an attraction


Love is a choice and we give it a voice

God’s love is for you, for me, for all

Love is not blind but a lamp in the dark

Love promotes loving not overlooking sin

But seeking the sinner and bringing him in,

Just as God loved me and God loved you

Love doesn’t just happen, it is something we do.

Beginning with God and seeing it through.