After supper last night Terry pushed back from the table and said he needed to get out and mow the lawn before it got dark. I quipped, “Well, don’t think I am pushing you out there.” What happened next occurs often in our household, neither of us hear as well as we once did and Terry’s voice remains compromised due to his radiation therapy. It simply does not carry without him pushing it.

He said, “Well, I can’t sit here and just watch the grass grow.”

What I heard, “Well, I can’t sit here and watch your ass grow.” Sorry for the vulgarity, but that is what I heard.

I got up, began clearing the table, still trying to process WHAT I had HEARD come out of my husband’s mouth. Just as I was rinsing the dishes to put into the dishwasher, I had an AHA! moment and realized what He had REALLY said and doubled over with laughter.

Both he and my brother Tom stared at me as if I were finally over the edge, something they had expected at any time. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I motioned Terry to come closer. I whispered what I thought he had said and then it was his turn to burst into laughter.

Now, of course, we have a new “just between us” laugh moment to remember and bring up when it seems to fit the situation.

During the evening while he mowed and I sat on my afore mentioned posterior reading John Grisham’s book, A TIME TO KILL (first time to read this, although I have been a long standing fan of his…anyway, I digress, the pitfall of a random thinker). As I sat reading, thoughts about the misunderstood comment invaded my mind.

Laying the book aside, I considered how often I have misunderstood people’s words, actions, and intentions without ever coming to an AHA! moment. Depending on my own state of mind I have assigned meanings to comments without any real thought. I have questioned folks’ intentions and motives. I, also, know my own words and actions have been misinterpreted by others…and boy! did that hurt.

In the Body of Christ with its many parts and gifts there lies great strength and power, but there also lies opposition. When I studied anatomy and physiology, I learned that muscles work by contraction and when one muscle contracts another is pulled into extension. Working to understand each other requires WORK, but it is worth it. The KEY is letting the MIND of CHRIST prevail rather than our own understanding. The ACTION required is LOVE, for “love covers a multitude of” sins, screw-ups, poorly chosen words, poorly heard words, and allows us to laugh, cry, work, play together so that the Kingdom of God grows.

As for Terry and I, when he came in from mowing, showered and joined me on the couch, he said, “What you doing?”

I could have said reading, but instead, still looking at my Kindle, I replied, “Just sitting here watching my ass grow.”

More laughter! Isn’t laughter good.

Cannot believe I am sharing this on my blog…oh, well!