Do you believe in coincidence? The older I get, the less I do. Certainly, some events in our lives and the world’s happen because of decisions someone made…that I get, but things that happen that call us to pray for someone only finding out later that at that exact moment a great need arose, the flat tire that prevents my being involved in an automobile accident, the telephone call from someone with just the right word, when you hit rock bottom, the chance meeting of two people leading to a lifetime together, the “coincidences” of life…are they really happenstance? Call me foolish, but I doubt they are.


At SHE READS TRUTH this morning, the scripture was Mark 5:25-34, the story of the bleeding woman, her desperation, her courage, even her defiance of Levitical Law. The devotional and many of the readers’ comments emphasized how many of us bleed without actual blood and how Jesus responds when we reach beyond human solutions and reasoning for his healing. For me the devotional hit me right where I am at the moment.

On Monday, August 26th, I am scheduled to have two surgical procedures by two physicians. My problems have been with me for several years but increasingly have become nearly unbearable. Without going into detail, WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!, three pregnancies and deliveries, previous surgery, combined with family history and gastrointestinal issues have brought me to the point of desperation. While I am counting on the expertise of two seasoned surgeons to do their jobs efficiently, I am putting my faith in Jesus for the outcome.

Of course, there is the concern about my recovery and the pain management(not a big fan of pain), but do you know what I am also trusting Jesus for? Our household, two men, my husband and my brother, having to do the extra little things I do as well as all they already do, my two inside dogs, feeding the outside dog…get the picture, I am bleeding over the small stuff.

It takes a lot of courage to ask Jesus for the small stuff. We often feel like we should not bother him with the small bleeds. We should only ask for help when we are bleeding out. How foolish I am, we are…Jesus cares about anything that causes us to worry or fear or to bleed, small or large.

It was no coincidence that SHE READS TRUTH focused on the woman with the issue of bleeding today. After reading it a bit of verse came to me and as I prepare myself and my household for my surgery, I do it hanging onto Jesus like he was my last and only chance.

Last chance, last dance,
danced with medical teams,
danced with old wives’ tales,
nothing worked, everything failed.
No need to draw attention
because they’d send me away,
hiding my shame, my ugly stains,
This is my last chance,
fingertips stretched
touching the hem,
Feeling the power
from tips to my core
Feeling assurance that yes, I am well!
In an instant I stand ready to run,
knowing I’m healed but ready to go.
He turns and he searches
His eyes find mine, he sees me,
He smiles and blesses my faith..
He was my last chance
His glance fills my being
as I start to dance.

When it comes to mental, physical, relational,or spiritual needs no chances, coincidences, even medical marvels can I am filling Jesus name into every slot on my dance card

Every Dance of Life with Jesus
Every Dance of Life with Jesus