Generations of Hope
Generations of Hope

“Everyone please pray for this beautiful lady… My mom was informed today that her cancer has spread into her lungs and has to start a new chemo treatment and this one is going to be a lot stronger… She could use all the love, thoughts, and support as she could possibly get during this hard time… Just hoping Owen can hold off for her to get her first treatment so she can at least get the joy of being there for her first grandchild’s birth with the recent bad news… I love you with all my heart mom and I know you’re strong enough to fight through this and you got some amazing people on your side to help get you through this” Chassity Pierce Inglis, August 29, 2013

Several bloggers I follow are doing a one word prompt, five minute Friday challenge. I have followed their blogs, but not participated in the challenge. Notably, check out and However, after hearing the PET scan results and plan of treatment for our niece, Ima Lee, I looked again at the one word prompt for this week: WORSHIP and it hit me. Worship doesn’t depend on our circumstances or human prognosis…Worship provides healing, hope, and comfort even in the dark.

Where there is fear
Where darkness lies
with the enemy near
loud wails, muffled cries
When abandoning hoping
seems the wisest of choices
Slipping away, fingertips groping
Seeking purchase, finding my voice
I lift my battered face, and begin
At first just a whisper, a breath in the wind
then like a miniature chorus, echoes return
Strengthening my song as new courage burns

Where there is Fear…The Lord is still near
Where darkness lies, loud wails, muffled cries
I Lift up my head, I open my eyes to watch the sun rise
When the worst possible news comes straight to my door
What the Lord has promised trumps that card a thousand fold more
So with the wolf at the door, whether facing a fight or longing for flight
I’ll sing praise in the darkness, dance with delight, and wait for the light

Worship is sweetest in the darkest of nights
When abandoning hope seems the wisest choice
For in corners crouching, searching for light
Sometimes the heart finds its most passionate voice
And can find cause to Rejoice!

“Rejoice in the Lord, always. And again I say rejoice” Philippians 4:4

Our family covets your prayers at this time for Ima Lee, Clark, Chassity, Daniel and baby Owen…due soon!!

Ima Lee, Clark and Chassity
Ima Lee, Clark and Chassity