My iPad developed a problem with the Display, so off it went to the big Apple Hospital. Unfortunately on the way it became more damaged, so after my sweet husband spent hours on the phone with Apple support they elected to replace my iPad. After several days we checked again and low and behold that day it shipped from China. I followed it via UPS tracking from China to Korea to Anchorage, Alaska to Louisville, KY to Madisonville, KY and finally to our house yesterday. Of course being new, everything I had added to my previous iPad had to be reinstalled. DONE!!

I had become so dependent on this piece of technology, so enamored with it, that I suffered without it. I have realized that I needed to be without my iPad for a while. The Lord knew I needed a “braking point” to think and work differently. During this time I learned to use my iphone for some Facebook posts, but was lost when it came to keeping up with the She Reads Truth Bible study. I used my husband’s mini laptop to post the last few chapters of my novel BRAKING POINTS here and in the process found a previous manuscript I had started that still remains unfinished, but I started working on it again and decided that I would edit, publish it bit by bit here, and finish it.

FOWL PLAY involves four special residents of a retirement center, the staff and family members, murder, and CHICKENS. I hope that those who chose to read it will comment or even email me at with suggestions, questions, etc. With any luck I will publish the first chapter tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for the time to regroup and rebuild to ponder and pray…Braking Point time.