Years ago I did the Children’s Sermons at the church we served. I used many object lessons to relate the Word of God to youngsters. One Sunday I used a paper straw and a nail. First, I handed one of them the paper straw and asked, “Can you bend the straw?” Of course, he bent it easily. I let a couple of other kids try and again the straw bent easily. Then I inserted a nail and asked then to try and bend the straw. After several tried, some with great effort, they acknowledged that, no, the straw with the nail was unbendable, except, of course, where the nail did not reach. Kids are quick to pick up on things.

I told them, “We are like the straw, weak and easily bendable, without Jesus, but when we asked Jesus into our hearts, he comes and is like the nail. He helps us be strong, except as you said, where the nail doesn’t reach. We still look like the straw, but inside we are strong, because Jesus lives in us and He is strong.”

Today, I feel like a straw easily bent. Suffice it to say, I am struggling with a touch of melancholy, but I know that the One who resides in me is the One who has overcome the world.

Whatever troubles or trials inside or out, He has conquered them. Within me is the strength of nails, three gruesome Roman spikes, splattered with the blood of Christ. Within me is the Love of God that endured the cross so that I could be set free from this body of sin and death. Within me is the Power that raised Christ from the dead. Within me is CHRIST, the hope of glory.

And He is available to all who believe and invite him in. My prayer is that today I will be thankful for the strength of the nails within and that those souls I encounter here on this meager blog, at church, in the world will acknowledge that strength in their own selves or invite Him in to reside and strengthen them. Amen