imageHalloween (All Saints Eve)

The weather man predicts with his maps, instruments and knowledge that we are in for a rash of storms on this October 31, 2013 in Kentucky. A little unusual for this time of year but what isn’t unusual about the weather? It is usual though that about this time every year a final burst of wind, a windy day, rushes in and down come the leaves. Suddenly, houses, animals, etc. appear where before they were hidden. The landscape changes our view of things. So it is in my life, as well, clear the clutter and there is that thing I thought I had lost or had hoped I had lost.


Storm clouds gather, a final burst of power
Lightening, thunder, distant rumbling from the heavens
Uneasy stillness, waiting as they glower
Watching as mid-autumn kneads her leaven
In a rush to end October and usher in November
Her power strips bare trees and forests everywhere
Opening clearings to our eyes, to contemplate, to remember
to reveal what is hidden, all that has been smoldering there.

So it is on this All Saints’ Eve, a burst of storms
ushering in November, preparing our hearts for thanksgiving
stripping us bare, opening clearings, sounding alarms
Calling us to remember all that makes life worth living
Thirty days to view the vistas God strips bare so we can see
Thirty days to contemplate, to listen and remember
All we’ve hidden behind the foliage and set it free
On the wings of thanksgiving to usher in December.

Happy All Saints Eve and get ready for THANKSGIVING!