Some people are like action figures, they explore their world from the time they first climb over the bars of their cribs and tumble out on their heads. They go through life climbing trees, riding bicycles up ramps, speeding off on a four wheeler or motorcycle, jumping out of airplanes, skiing down black slopes, slalom water skiing, learning to fly, you know the type…and I married one. Other people grow up observing, they watch their brother fall head first from his crib, ride bikes behind other folks avoiding the holes they run into, ride up in the plane to watch their spouses jump out…you got it, I am more observer than action figure. I do things and even take chances, but not without first observing the course and considering the outcomes. My husband commented the other morning when I was driving that I take caution to a whole new level, but once I am on the Parkway, “Katie, Bar the door”, cause I travel fast. Perhaps because I have spent a lot of time in corners at parties watching is why I write to share my observations of the world and the marvelous people assembled here.

Frankly, I have always wanted to be a wild adventurer and love to read about them. Hey! I even married one. Even when he broke his neck on a sandy beach at Keystone Lake in 1972, he did not give up skiing. And who goes to seminary at age 42 after walking on the darker side in private security and private investigation…beginning the grand spiritual adventure that brought us to this place in preparation for the greatest adventure of all…going Home! Along the way, I have had so many opportunities thanks to my man to meet and come to love some of the most wonderful people in God’s world and I have experienced heart wrenching pain as I walked with my man in ministry. Along the way, I have observed and internalized and I am so thankful God gave me all these opportunities, so thankful he made me an observer and that he gives me words to share about all my adventures as one of his who watches, prays, and writes it down.

So thankful.

Are you an Action Figure or Observer?

Blessings on this first day of November, 2013.