imageThis is the first of two posts for this day. I have no idea how many people even read this blog, but I have a favor to ask of those who do. I am posting the beginning of a story today and would really appreciate feedback.

I write not to publish on the grand scheme of things, but because I can not NOT write. Even when I am without paper, pen, IPad, laptop, I write in my head, configering words to tell a story or express a thought, words that may never be transmitted outside my own mind. For me, words have power whether expressed or repressed to effect change, to bring laughter or tears, hope or despair, power that can be good or evil…and not always because that was the originator’s intention.

I love the way words can be turned and meaning changed with a comma or a semi-colon. I am the first to admit I often do not know when to use either of those elements of punctuation or whether in the last paragraph I used the word “effect” correctly. Needing to write is not about being good at writing or grammatically endowed, it is about the drive to put your words out there even when you (I) don’t.

I wrote the novel Braking Points, published previously on this blog, by committing to putting 1500 words into the computer per day. There have been stops and starts since that was completed. This blog has allowed me to express some of those words. For some time now another story has been brewing inside and so I am going to put the beginning words out there today for anyone of the 2 or 3 who read this to give me feedback.

By faith I believe God gave me the drive to write, for which I am grateful, but it may be that He intended my writing to be a personal endeavor and not a public one. So I turn it over to you, my Friends of Braking Points.