One day 20 years ago, my daughter buckled her first born into his car seat as I watched.  When he was secure, she stroked his cheek with the back of her hand before turning to say ‘good-bye’ to me.  Her eyes glistened with tears as she hugged me saying,

“I always knew I would love being a mother, I just never knew how much till now.”

Watching my child drive away with her child that day, I repeated her words.

Motherhood, the gift that brings the highest highs and the lowest lows. . .along with the first steps and first words come the first flight through the department store as you struggle not to scream like a banchee and the first sassing or temper tantrum that threatens to push you over the ledge.

Motherhood, the gift that brings you to your knees more often than any other relationship, especially when they are all grown up [you thought you’d be free and clear then, but NO…].  Some mothers among us have watched our children marry and then divorce,  struggle financially, face persecution, make poor decisions–just like us, but we didn’t want that for our children–Some of us have even lost children to addiction.  A  friend of mine had a daughter who ran away.  For two years they had no idea where she was or how she was.  Some of us have had to bury a child or from my own experience stand by a child who buried her own child.

Motherhood, the gift that helps me understand WHY Christ chose to leave Heaven for me.  What mother among us would not put on their child’s skin, if that were possible, and walk through the valley FOR them.  Motherhood with its grasp of what it means to hear your child’s voice.  My friend whose daughter ran away wept uncontrollably at the sound of her child’s voice on the phone, unable to speak herself.

Motherhood, the gift God gives to imperfect screw-ups like me and to some of you who are closer to perfection.

Motherhood, the gift I am most thankful for today, the opportunity to love, for it is in loving that we are strengthened to be more like Christ Jesus, Our Lord.

A special Shout out to our children and their spouses today:

Micheal and Jennifer Kisler

Scott and Martha Kisler

Brandee and Mark Foster

Love you to the Moon and Back!  Mom



Martha and Gabby Kisler
Martha and Gabby Kisler