In March 2016, our grandson Jonathan will increase our family when he marries his beloved Amanda. So it is with family increase, as those tied to us by blood and birth choose to unite in love with others, family trees intertwine.  We will gain a granddaughter-in-law, who will bring with her, her family, her traditions, and her love.

The chosen ones, our son-in-law Mark, our daughters-in-law, Martha and Jennifer come not as individuals only but with attachments, brothers, sisters, parents, children, aunts, uncles…etc.  These ties bind us together in mutual respect and aspirations for our progeny.

In today’s world not all of these ‘in-law’ relationships last.  As one who has suffered the painful separation of a branch by divorce and another by action of family court when our foster grandchild was returned to her birth mother,  I can testify to pain involved. Circumstances vary, but for us both of these involved grief.  Still God moved us forward and our family has grown in numbers and our grandchildren are all growing up or already grown.

Thanks be to God for our son and daughters by marriage. We are grateful that they love our children, for isn’t that what all parents want. We are grateful for the parents they are to our grandchildren and for the examples they set in home, community, work, and church.

We love you and are grateful to be your mother and father-in-law.  .  .and look forward to being grandmother and father-in-law.