“And you showed me what it really means to love.
Cause you never gave up on me,
When I was giving love up on you,
Every time I thought this love can’t work,
You stayed to see it through,
You never gave up on me when I was,
Making things rough on you,
And you showed me what it really means to love”

Written by Josh Bates

No matter what anyone says to the contrary, I believe that marriage vows, a declaration of commitment before witnesses mirrors a commitment God makes to believers for we who accept his proposal, enter the waters of baptism, are according to scripture, the Bride of Christ.


No matter how much I screw up…He never gives up on me.

imageI am fortunate to have married a man who has proven to be one who stays the course….even when I behave like a lunatic.  He, likewise, is fortunate to have married a woman who once she had him in her clutches refused to turn loose.


All human relationships are temporary.  These flesh and blood bodies give up and give out.  The healthiest life style may delay dissolution of the flesh.  Love and Commitment may delay dissolution of a marriage. To what end?  Death comes, even if they have to pry your fingers apart, each of us stand individually before God, for he holds our eternal dwelling and future in his hands.

God has committed Himself to love and pursuit of a holy union with all creation, he laid down his life fulfilling the law, so that you and I might be purchased out of the slavery of sin and death.  He pursues us throughout our lives.


He will not force himself upon us.  He waits to hear our vows.

I will never leave you or urge you to turn away from me

Where you go I will follow

Your people will be my people

And you will be my God–Adapted by me from the Book of Ruth

Knowing that I have a God and a husband who never give up on me enables me live and love more freely.  Oh, I still have my lunatic moments, toss about a bit…ok, a lot…but for a time I have a man who loves me in this life and a God who loves me now and forever.

Neither of them show any signs of giving up on me.


So today I am thankful for God’s and my husband Terry’s constant love and grace in my life.image