Over the course of our fifty plus years together we have had multiple pets.  I wish I had pictures of all of them, but these pictured have enhanced our lives, kept us active, and in the case of Mitzi, photo in the middle, comforted and cared for us when Terry was so sick.  Our daughter also adopted a beautiful, if somewhat deranged black cat, who lived with us for 18 years, moving reluctantly from Oklahoma to Kentucky with us.

All of the dogs pictured were rescue dogs, not all of them rescued by us, but by family.  Skipper [pictured in first and second pictures top left] was our grandson Jordan’s dog, he and Mitzi have passed away. Gone but not forgotten.  Now we have Max and Emma, who are members of our pack….I mean family.

For these pets I am grateful, because they bring us both joy and frustration, keep us going, and give us reason to get up…because they have to go walk or need to be fed.