Confession:  I love murder mysteries, with smart alec protagonists, who seem gruff, but really are softies who have never really gotten used to the inhumanity of men.  I prefer books or maybe an ongoing thread in a TV drama to everything wraps up in 55 minutes, because I have figured out that every suspect prior to 50 minutes into the show DID NOT DO IT!  I also prefer an element of comic relief….life has that, needs that, so abject darkness with unlikeable characters usually turns me off….but not always.  I leave room for exceptions and there are some notable ones.

Perhaps that is one reason I love the Bible, because the wisdom of God chose not to reveal the WHOLE STORY, but to present it in such a way, with so many fascinating people and stories, so many hidden treasures waiting to be found, truth found in parables and in the lives of imperfect, flawed folks like me, smart alecs, rapists, murderers, liers, cowards, loud mouths, thieves…and those were the good guys/gals.

So many mysteries to solve, but through it all a scarlet thread.  Before the Great Lie that broke the World, God already had a plan. Free will was a risk I would not choose if I was God and wanted everything to stay perfect and good like I made it.  Knowing all, loving man, God in Three Persons had a plan.  The scarlet thread, the trail of blood, sacrifice, the Great Lie wormed its way into all creation, devestating minds, bodies, spirit, and the very earth we live on.

At seventy years of age I am still discovering the treasures and the links in Scripture.  Even familiar passages become new to me as I find more clues to the Eternal.  Today I am thankful for the Bible, God’s Holy Word, May it be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path ….and help me to become more like Jesus.  Amen