‘I am woman hear me…’ whine and moan everytime I get on the scales, assess my face in the mirror, the groans becoming wales of anguish when directly out of the shower I step in front of a full length mirror.

I awoke this morning from a dream about pushing a car to the gas station and buying a horse…the key phrase here is ‘I awoke‘!

More than Seventy years ago my heart started beating in the safety of my mother’s womb and so far it has not failed to continue, inspite of Atrial Fibrillation and mild hypertension.

On April 25, 1945 I inhaled and exhaled for the very first time, continuing to do so except for brief intervals without even giving it or the atmosphere with its life giving oxygen more than a brief acknowledgement.

I was walking and talking before my first birthday.  So far except for mild arthritis in my joints, neck surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, I move through my day with only minor assistance…and am glad there is assistance available when I need it.  I may struggle with word finding skills but I still speak and write to express myself.  But those are all voluntary actions.

Every day my body flows with blood carrying oxygen to my brain, organs, fingers and toes.

Every day my body digests food and hydrates cells, uses the nutrients and discards the waste.  I take voluntary action in this project, but my body does the heavy lifting.

Every day my body sends out scouts to determine if there are enemy forces from without trying to storm the walls.  At the first sight of invasion, other cells engage the enemy with one intent destroy and protect.

Every day my body completes millions of tasks without even asking my permission.

Will it grow tired of all of these tasks?  yes

Will it lower its defenses at times?  yes

Will it fail to recognize the enemy before outside forces are needed? yes

Will I die?  yes

BUT until then enough of this b*&^hing and moaning about the wrinkles, sags, snap, crackles and pops.

I AWOKE this morning, still breathing, heart still beating, walking, talking….I AM ALIVE from the top of my head to my crooked little toe.

I may not be young.  I may not be the image of perfection.  I may not be…..BUT THANK YOU, LORD…I AM ALIVE!

My human body works just like you created it to do.

So, Precious Lord, I will leave the rest to you.

Till the end you will see me through.