Short backdrop to the Book of Jeremiah where this verse resides. He was known as the weeping prophet. His prophesies from God were not well accepted. The leaders tried to kill him. The city of Jerusalem had been under siege for so long there was no food or water, but his message of doom did not sit well with the leaders or populous who were longing to hear words of encouragement and praise. After all, THEY were HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE.

God had had his fill of the sinfulness of those HE called HIS PEOPLE. Sure the Babylonian army outside the gates were pagan, heathens, but HIS PEOPLE had wandered so far from the truth that God sent Jeremiah to speak judgement and accountability…a chance to turn around.

Then in the 29th chapter the tone of the prophesies revealed through Jeremiah changes. From that point forward without taking back a single one of the previous pronouncements upon on Judah, God lifts the eyes of Jeremiah offering words of promise, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. Forty years in the wilderness, Seventy years in Babylon living day to day are nano seconds to God, but time enough for his people to return to him.

My opinion only, but God does not expect Starbucks, a secular business, to honor Christ at Christmas, but he does expect me to honor Christ in Christmas. The world is a mission field not an enemy.

God has a plan for his people and it really has not changed from day ONE, we are to be light in the darkness. Through weak, clumsy people like me who have been called according to his purpose the world should be able to know God. Kinda makes me queasy, knowing just how feeble a witness I am….Truth is if I center on “I“, the light will flicker and die…SO I am thankful that God Crossed out the “I” so when I stop hiding my cracks his brilliance shines through.