This scenerio is making the rounds on Social Media.  What I am about to write will probably get me some flak, maybe even from my family and close friends.  Like all one sided views, there is some truth here, or should I say there are some who when presented with questions like these with the “enlightened solutions” [yes, that was tongue in cheek] would respond this way.  But let’s start over:

I am terrified of Muslims.  I don’t want sharia law in America.

Ok, in the United States, we have the freedom to worship as we choose.  The rule of law in the United States is based on the Constitution, so Muslims can worship freely but not enforce sharia law in the USA.  You can worship freely, also.  Or, not at all.

Yeah, but I believe in Jesus and want the country to be more Christian. I don’t want anyone taking that away from me.

Ok, how do you propose to change the country?  What about veterans, homeless men, women, and families, children in crisis, and what about the refugees fleeing war zones?  How can your Christ change their lives for the better through you?  Government programs??

No, No we don’t need more taxes, more dollars thrown out there into programs that don’t work?  I am not sure how I can help.

Ok, did you know that a hundred years ago, Churches were the chief caregivers and providers for the needy, the orphans, that most social programs began in the church halls not in congress.  Have you looked around to find out what other Christians are doing to help those in need, both here and around the world.  One way to have a more Christian nation is to live among the people of all faiths or lack thereof showing respect, kindness, and sharing your faith in your actions.  Find where God is working in your community and join in that work.  Pack a shoe box for Samaritan’s Purse for a child in other parts of the world.  Adopt or foster a child.

But what about the state of families, folks having kids only to end up on the Welfare rolls or having to be put into foster care.  And don’t talk to me about Planned Parenthood, because I am Pro-Life and they provide abortions.

Ok, let me suggest you get involved with your local abortion alternative group.  They provide counseling, alternatives, physical and material support, mentoring, and a variety of other services for women and families in reproductive crisis.  Most of these services are free.  Also, most schools know which students need assistance with clothing or supplies.  Adopt one anonymously or take part in afternoon tutoring for struggling students.

I just don’t want socialism.  Big Government pumping money out like they can take care of us all.

Ok, but you know all of us have gotten used to government hand-outs.

WHAT?? Not me. Not my family.

Ok, what about the pubic school system,  the public health system, subsidies for medication for those with life threatening disease who cannot afford medication…?

Well, I guess there are some needed programs, but I want to reduce them and get back to the Constitution.

Ok, I think that brings us back to your quest for a more Christian nation.  It begins with the individual Christian and the Churches.  In 1985, there were over 800 homeless individuals  in the City of Tulsa, OK.  One Shelter Representative pointed out that there were as many churches in the area.  If each Church sponsored one homeless person or family, shelters would be emptied. 

But what about the Muslims?  I am terrified of Muslims.

Well according to Holy Scripture ‘perfect love casts out fear’.  How can the gospel be shared if we are afraid of sharing it with the people who need it most.


Thank you, Andy McClure for making me have to think this through as a Christian.  I am thankful to God that He continues to bless the United States of America.  I am thankful to the military who both stay and go to protect the freedoms we hold dear.  I know there is blood shed coming and that violent actions will be required to keep us safe.  So I pray for those on the front lines and for their sacrifice.  I also know that fear kills love and compassion and sometimes we express it in ways that are not very Christian.  Help us, Oh Lord, to see as you see our neighbor and our enemy.