Navigating the road to Bethlehem’s child requires vigilance on the part of the believer. There are thieves, who lie in wait to steal and even destroy your joy.

You may have been one who has been blindsided and robbed.

There are fellow believers, so broken and crippled by the circumstances of the past year, that the tiniest bump in the road causes them to stumble and despair.

You may even be one of the wounded.

There are hills, potholes, and thorn covered paths caused by fear, doubt, and a sense of unworthiness. Thousands of obstacles from within and without, all designed by the one who will do anything to make the road to Christ and the road of Christ treacherous and undesirable.

So be vigilant, be of good courage, and remove as many obstacles as you can AND THEN ask God to level the path.

Clear the Way!