The paradox is that people who cease all pretenses of personal strength, admitting their weakness, are often the ones others see as brave, strong, and all together.

God delights in taking the ordinary, the cowardly, the folks with rough edges to dare the most and accomplish the most in the dark places.

Consider Mary and Joseph. A couple, who their individual roles, their individual acquiescence to their places in the salvation of the world differed. Both lives bear witness to their submission which brought the Light to the world, protected and loved that Light, and raised him to manhood.
People, who own up to their sins, their powerlessness, their need for help,

People, who end up slam dunked by life, whose song line “I’ve been down so far it looks like up to me”,

People who in a moment of revelation, murmur like Mary did, “Behold the handmaiden[the servant] of the Lord.”

People, like you and I, who never intend to act courageously, who tremble in their boots in the dark but who admit those feelings and rely on God,

These are the ones who shine in the darkness.
While people, so caught up in their own bravado and ambition, who cannot get off the image treadmill, find they are running scared. Yet, even these, if they lay down their pretense, admit their weakness, can become strong.

The saddest people cling to the World and its expectations, seeking power of wealth, health, popularity, notoriety, beauty, and influence. Clinging to threads of image even as they age and wither. Refusing to turn loose of of the fraying rope attached to the false world they’ve built to trust God’s arms to catch them.

Living the Great Paradox–when I am weak then He is strong–requires turning loose.

Living the Great Paradox requires trusting His arms to catch you.

Living the Great Paradox requires a radical shift of belief from a broken world’s promises to belief that God always keeps His promises.

Living the Great Paradox requires that like Mary, the handmaiden of the Lord, like Jesus in the garden, the prayer “Thy Will be Done.”

To do so, changes everything for the Christian…it is the stuff of heroes 


Dawn on Gamble Lane  December 16, 2015
Dawn on Gamble Lane
December 16, 2015