My pattern of activity before lying down in bed at night includes preparing coffee for the morning with the coffee maker set to automatically begin brewing at 6 AM. Theoretically that means I can crawl out of bed, take care of all bathroom necessities, grab my Ipad off the charger, pour my first cup of coffee before settling in my corner of our reclining couch to begin my day. Theories are wonderful starting points, but seldom represent the actuality of life.

For example, if Max our Shitzu/poodle rescue dog decides that 4:30 AM is an absolutely wonderful time to take a walk or ELSE [like this morning], the automatic coffee maker does not adjust. And since I would rather pull on puffy blue coat [yes, it is still cold here] over my t-shirt and shorts, push my bare feet into my calf high boots, push my sleep mask up on my forehead, rather than clean up the OR ELSE, Max and I take a walk. [NO! I am not posting pictures] There are mornings like yesterday morning when a sense of calm and awe settles over me as we walk along the road in front of our house. The Milky Way, the Silver River of which Earth is a part of dazzles the eye on crisp clear early mornings. There are also mornings when it is pouring down rain and the wind cuts right through. Likewise there are mornings when my eyes are open to the wonder and others when I barely stumble out and back inside. After these walks I sometimes can crawl back into bed and sleep. On others, like today, I simply get up, shower, dress and bypass the auto feature on the coffee with a push of a button.

IMG_1275We have a cat, also, Sweetie. She arrived on our doorstep last summer barefoot and pregnant. She lives indoors, but still hears the call of the wild. We let her out during the day with Max and she stays out until she is good and ready to come back in. When I take Max out for his 4:30 walk, she waits at the back door and yowls at us both when we return. Cats vocally express themselves, or at least ours does.

Max and Sweetie have what could only be described as a sibling type relationship if one sibling was from Mars and the other from Venus. In this case, Max would be the one from Venus. He delights in chasing and wrestling. She [Martian, for sure] delights in sneaking up and batting him with her paws and getting him to chase her. If one is on my lap or Terry’s the other one is looking sad [Max] or giving the evil eye [Sweetie]. Nevertheless, thus far there has been no bloodshed except mine when Sweetie dug her claws into my bare foot when I almost stepped on her in the dark the other morning after one of Max’s early morning jaunts.

With all this talk of Max and Sweetie, interrupted sleep, and unexpected outcomes, at the end of today, I will undoubtedly [God willing] prepare coffee to come on automatically at 6 AM. Tomorrow it might work like I plan it. But does it really matter if it doesn’t? Will it damage my sense of well being?

Truth is, I will never know. I can not remember a day [of course, I am having a few memory issues] when EVERYTHING went just as planned. I am not even sure I want that. Oh, OK I WANT THAT! But, I am learning, yes, that is still possible at my age, to roll with the punches, so to speak and to live the day God has given me. THE PRESENT, what a gift! Will I ever be completely spontaneous [maybe in heaven]? Will I ever NOT PLAN? REALLY!

I am exploring the word ‘Shalom’, so often translated ‘Peace’ in English and used as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. To live the Christian life and embrace each day, I need to seek Shalom with God, with and for others, and for myself…the enriched definition promotes a peace of harmony, wholeness, prosperity, and well being. It means living with every intent of bringing into my discordant, disorderly, broken day SHALOM. It means no matter what the day brings, God is in control. I am NOT!