From childhood I was taught that ‘cussing’ was wrong, but ‘cussing’ that included references to the divine–unless, of course, I could manage to roll it into a prayer–put one in danger of the fires of hell or a bar of soap in the mouth.  Frankly, I slide a bit farther away from conversations where God’s name is peppering anecdotes lest a bolt of lightening strike.   Still as I contemplated the morning scripture my mind took another path.


Perhaps it was the translation.  Perhaps it represents a deeper issue in my life.  Perhaps it is nonsense, but writing is how I work through what makes sense and what doesn’t.  I could honestly say that I have rarely used God’s name as an expletive.  Yea! Me!  REALLY?

Consider with me for a moment what ‘misuse’ of God’s name might entail.  I am a Christian.  Therefore, I bear the name of Christ.  How I live, how I act, how I think–the whole of me visible and invisible represents Christ’s name.  In an honest examination of my life, I find I fail.  In doing so I misuse the name of the Lord my God.  It is a daily struggle, a daily examination, and I suspect it will be as long as I am on this earth, but GOD is bigger than all my SIN.   One misuse of God’s name in my life is when I question his forgiveness of my sin.  Just Saying.