My Seventh Decade...The Years Beyond

Sometimes I need a break from serious and lately I have noticed there are a number of bloggers out there who share “what they wore this weekend” or “what I wore to workout.”  Then they post pictures of their tiny twenty-something selves wearing said outfits.  Quick question, does that make them millennials, guess I am not sure about the cut off age for that group. Anyway, they look so cute, in their shirts, hats, scarves, shoes.

Ok, Ok, I admit it, I am a little jealous, because ‘what I wore this weekend, except for church, were jeans and a T-shirt and ‘what I wore to work out’ consisted of a Tulsa Habitat for Humanity T-shirt from the 1980’s and comfy–elastic waist band, knit fabric–pants. I did put on make-up and brush my teeth and hair, but at no time was I ready for a photo shoot.

Come to think of…

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