My Seventh Decade...The Years Beyond

Looking in my Rearview Mirror, I found this manuscript which began as a short short story…the first chapter..for a contest requiring a story set on Halloween. I won $100…the MOST I have ever made from my writing.  You have got to wonder, why then does she keep right on writing.

Most people who have read my writing found the short story a gigantic shift from my usual stuff.  Actually, so did I, but it seemed to beg for more story.  I let the odds and ends of life interfer, so this is all there is.

My question to anyone who reads this….IS IT WORTH FINISHING?  Suggestions, critiques, appreciated.  AND NOW,

The Dead Butterfly Collectorimage

Chapter One

Dead people don’t talk.

Nor do they grimace, smile, blink or sneeze.  Aside from pallor or rigor mortis, and the inability to change positions without assistance—all in all—they make perfect models for portraits.  After…

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