My Seventh Decade...The Years Beyond

I stole this title from a Twitter Post promoting ‘trying something new’….I am a huge fan of trying new things.  Also, I would prefer to build an Ark rather than a Titanic, but don’t plan to build either one.

Admittedly, I have not always been so open to new experiences,  AND, boundaries exist on what I am willing to experience–not bungy jumping, base jumping, hedge jumping or jumping off my back porch.  I will, however, jump in exercise class at Fitness Formula and might attempt jump rope.  Back in sixth grade I was not too bad at jumping rope with two people swinging the rope as I ran in and sang:

‘Cinderella, dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow. How many times did she kiss him?  1, 2 , 3 and so on’ until rope and foot tangled.

I started blogging in 2013 and much like jumping rope…

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