Life teems with stories, so many of them left untold. My life expands reading and hearing the stories of others–even the unpleasant ones. Fiction always contains someone’s truth and non-fiction may or may not be truth. Readers vary as do writers, BUT everyone lives their story. I am blessed to love reading for it has taken me on countless journeys AND I am blessed to love writing because there are Stories to tell

My Seventh Decade...The Years Beyond

imageI am participating in the Positive Writer contest, ‘How Writing Has Influenced my Life’ because from infancy to now, I have had a lifelong love affair with the written word.

While I would love to claim to be a child prodigy, reading at two, writing my first published work at five, that would stretch hypebole to the limit.  However, I contend that input, reading or having others read to one, always preceeds and exceeds output, writing.  So first, it was on the lips of my parents lulling me off to sleep  with bedtime stories. Then after getting my own library card at six, I discovered the power of strings of words on a page and the magic of being able to read them all by myself.

I prefered books with few pictures.  Why?  Because without someone else’s illustrations the words carried me on their wings to a place deep inside…

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