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Storytellers and Dreamers

“Storytellers and Dreamers” was written for a friend’s seventieth birthday but it seemed an appropriate ‘reshare’ today as I approach my seventy-fourth birthday.  I hope others find a bit of themselves in these lines.

I thought when I was still a child
Someday when I was old I would sit a while,
gather my grandchildren at my side
and take them back for an awesome ride,

Whatever happened, bound to fight and win
Riding my Harley into the wind
going until the road ends

No one told me Vietnam would claim friends

Some returning in boxes draped in flags

or ravaged with terrors and unwanted tags

Or predict the bends in the roads of life
Like so many becoming husband and wife
All of us struggling, some emerging alive
While others split not surviving the strife
We faced in the seventies, longing to flee
Discovering that lonely’s not quite being free

Living the stories we someday could reveal
Spinning them round to max the appeal.
Because down deep there lives the child
Who dreamed of telling stories about when he was wild
To multiple children who would sit at his knee

I imagined their clamor, their joy, their glee
Attentive to Grandpa spinning a yarn
didn’t count on Netflix, iPhones, Tweeting? well, darn!

Inside of this man lives a boy determined to win
Riding a Harley into the wind
Going, going till the road ends
Carving a life, with dreams set to song
Combatting the odds to not get it wrong

The stories we live waking or sleeping
Shape memories, vision, a life worth keeping
Our minds alive with stories some best unshared
With our wild days behind us, why do we care?
Isn’t it past time to dare?

Once we were young, thought life had no end
Stunned even now with each fallen friend
Still unable to see around the next bend. . .
But face it, we know, we comprehend.

So go buy the Harley or sail the seas, fight the waves,
Live the stories we’ve woven, go out really brave
So what if no one listens to the stories we’ve saved
Live life full of spit fire, and whistle past graves.

One thing I know as birthdays come about
Someday at our funerals without a doubt
There will be stories flying about
Granddad, or Grand mom, the secrets all out

Day Trips–Mini Vacations

Abigail, Brandee, Graham and Mimi
Abigail, Brandee, Graham and Mimi

What a day! I got up early, walked the dogs, fed the husband and then picked up my daughter and two of my grandchildren. Off we went to Louisville, KY [165 miles]. Our first stop, other than to fill up with gas, get drinks, stop for a bathroom break, OK I guess OUR 4TH stop was the Louisville Slugger Museum.


World's Largest Bat with Abigail and Graham
World’s Largest Bat with Abigail and Graham


After touring the factory, we saw a short film about the crack of the bat and toured the LEGO Exhibit which was a whole lot of legos combined into replicas of some of the famous baseball parks in the USA. The largest of these is Wrigley Field. Amazing what the human being can create from children’s toys.

We ate at Cheesecake Factory and then trooped over to PAINT SPOT, where we selected pottery and painted for hours..gotta troop back [Terry and I] to pick up our glazed and fired pieces next week, because they wanted to charge $15 a piece to ship them which was more than we paid for the privilege to paint them.



I know this departs from my usual post, but in all of these moments, I knew how blessed I really am. I have 9 grandchildren and wish I had all of them close enough to just go on more Day Trips!!

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